Energy tea - metabolism tea

Energy tea - metabolism tea

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E&M Vital tea variations for inner harmony

A herb, a seed, a root can be assigned to each symptom. They are the basis of many effective tea blends. E&M Vital energy teas can have a strengthening, balancing and calming effect on the respective organ systems. The selected herbs gently support the inner cleansing and correspond to traditional herbal science.

Traditionally, herbal teas are a blessing for body, mind and soul and are therefore very much appreciated.

For one liter of tea, scald 4 heaped teaspoons of herbs with boiling hot water and let steep for 3 - 5 minutes.

Up to one liter of the energy tea - metabolism can be drunk daily. Drink enough water with it. In order to achieve the optimal effect, the metabolism tea should be drunk alternately with our other energy teas from time to time.
The metabolism tea should be drunk by the early afternoon.

Marshmallow leaf, lemon balm leaf, peppermint leaf, ormening herb, lady's mantle herb, cinquefoil, yarrow herb, knotweed herb, lungwort, grass root, guaiac wood, juniper wood, red sandalwood, burnet root, lavender blossoms, mallow blossoms, peony leaves, mullein blossoms, sweet fennel, cornflower blossoms.

Content: 100g