about us

E&M Vital Austrian manufacturer for holistic prevention since 1998

Quality products made in Austria

E&M Vital, managed by Mrs. Bernadette Ensfellner, is a responsible company that attaches great importance to raw materials of natural origin, optimal bioavailability and organic quality. We follow the pure substance principle and only process and produce products "free of any colouring, flavoring, preservatives, separating and coating agents". For the user, this means high quality as well as better effectiveness and tolerability. 

product development

Our innovative spirit and the know-how of our product development are inspired by the wealth of experience from our many years of responsible research and the interactive cooperation with business partners, general practitioners and therapists. 

Full range for holistic health prevention

E&M Vital products are developed to optimize internal body cleansing treatments and sensible combination products to compensate for the acid-base balance and micronutrient deficits. Both the intestinal cleansing and the strengthening of the immune system are important parts of this full range. 

Own manufacture creates controlled quality and jobs

Our own manufactory enables us to use experienced, responsible people instead of machines for production. The manual to semi-automatic production enables production without unnecessary additives, which are unfortunately necessary in fully automatic production.  We also prevent overproduction to ensure that the end products leave our production facility as fresh as possible.

With E&M Vital, both users and consulting institutes can be sure that they are receiving high-quality preparations for holistic prevention and that they can give recommendations.

Unfortunately, the general public has forgotten the value and the high natural effect of healthy nutrition, intestinal cleansing and the important compensation of micronutrient deficiencies or has heard or experienced far too seldom about its importance. Personally, I find this fact not only a pity, but also very dangerous, since the immunological situation is getting worse and worse. 

Health is not everything - but without health everything is nothing!!!!