Sango Coral - powder
Sango Coral - powder
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Sango Coral - powder

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E&M Vital Sango Coral

The Sango coral supplies ionized and base-active minerals with very good bio-availability. Sango coral contains over 70 minerals and trace elements. Especially the optimal proportion of calcium and magnesium in the ratio of 2:1 is particularly valuable for the human organism. Our body needs minerals for many metabolic processes, including the daily stabilization of the vital acid-base balance. If our diet is too acidic, there will inevitably be a lack of minerals, which can lead to a calcium and magnesium deficiency that puts a strain on the metabolism.

Sango Coralle is a 100% pure natural product and contains over 70 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. 

When buying coral powder, always note that it is sea coral and not inferior land coral.

The fossil deposits of the Sango Coralle are sucked up from the sea floor, which can only be carried out under government supervision to protect the coral reefs.

Sango Coral supports:

  • acid-base balance
  • mineral deficiency
  • osteoporosis
  • cardiovascular system
  • gum problems
  • remineralization

Recommended intake:
Regeneration dosage for existing mineral deficiencies: Take 3 measuring spoons 3 times a day with sufficient water.
Maintenance dosage : Take 1 measuring spoon 3 times a day with sufficient water

Contents: 150g