protein shake
protein shake
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protein shake

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E&M Vital Protein Shake - 100% vegetable

In contrast to conventional, mainly animal protein concentrates, the E&M Vital protein shake consists of purely plant-based ingredients, which do not burden the metabolism and help to reduce today's acid load. A special vegetable combination of proteins, carbohydrates and other important nutrient groups was developed to achieve an optimal and sufficient supply of protein and micronutrients. Therefore, the protein shake offers every health and body-conscious person the ideal supplement for weight loss or after sporting activities.

Each raw material used has its special nutrient density, is naturally grown and carefully processed in order to achieve maximum effect.


  • Complete plant-based amino acid profile
  • strong natural energy source
  • supports regeneration after stress and active sports in the best possible way
  • strengthens muscles and connective tissue
  • free of purines (uric acid) and cholesterol
  • holistic strengthening of the immune system
  • ideal for the healthy reduction of excess body fat
  • free of gluten (glue protein)
  • high quality
  • supports the vital acid-base balance
  • free from chem. Flavor enhancers, preservatives, colorings and sugar

Lupine protein, hemp protein, rice protein, carob powder, fermented tropical brown millet powder, aronia powder, psyllium husk, Jerusalem artichoke powder, barley grass powder, grape seed flour

The natural taste is slightly reminiscent of cocoa and caramel due to the carob powder content.

Recommended intake:
The total intake of protein depends on the individual activities and athletic training goal. Depending on personal needs and athletic performance, you can enjoy one to several heaped tablespoons of protein shake stirred into plant-based milk, which can be individually flavored by adding berries or bananas.

For non-athletes , the daily requirement is 0.8 g per kg of healthy body weight.
An intake of about 1.2 g to 1.5 g per kg of healthy body weight is recommended for recreational athletes and for daily active work.
The recommended daily requirement for competitive athletes and in weight training is 1.5 g to 2.5 g per healthy body weight.

TIP: For targeted weight reduction, ideally replace a meal with the plant-based E&M Vital protein shake for dinner.