Colloidal Silicon
Colloidal Silicon
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Colloidal Silicon

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E&M Vital – colloidal silicon

Silicon is a mineral and the second most common element on earth after oxygen. It is part of every cell and is responsible for numerous functions in the body. Silicon brings elasticity to the body and undoubtedly has the most important role in the formation of connective tissue. In addition, silicon is a nutrient and building material for supporting tissue, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and skin. The absorption of silicon from food is difficult, since intensively farmed vegetables and grains only absorb little silicon during the growth phase and most of the silicon is lost during industrial processing. However, since silicon is very important for our holistic health, it is important to cover our daily needs. Liquid colloidal silicon, which has been activated by a specific physical process, enables good absorption and is free from preservatives and other additives.

Colloidal Silicon supports:

  • cell renewal (cell respiration, cell rejuvenation)
  • the cell structure (as a stabilizer of the cell walls)
  • the connective tissue (strength)
  • the vessels (strength and elasticity)
  • the bones, cartilage, tendons
  • the skin (suppleness, freedom from wrinkles)
  • the immune system (activator) in viruses, fungi, bacteria
  • the elimination of hemorrhoids
  • the reduction of inflammation
  • the prevention of all aging processes

Liquid, ultra-fine swirled (dynamized) silicic acid solution with silicon.

Recommended intake:
Drink 5 ml twice a day with sufficient water.