Intest Clean Parasite Cleanse

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E&M Vital Anti-Parasite Treatment

Microbial loads not only cause allergic reactions and weaken our immune system, they generally have a toxic effect on the entire organism. Up to 150 different types of parasites can live in the human body - some microbes are well known, such as Candida albicans, Heliobacter pylori, Borrelia or amoebas.

If there is a concrete suspicion of parasite infestation, consistent detoxification and a change in diet must be carried out. Usually there is a classic microbial intestinal detoxification based on natural active ingredients that have been tried and tested for centuries.

We therefore recommend that you carry out an anti-parasite treatment 1-2 times a year as a preventive measure.

The Intest Clean parasite cure with exclusively natural substances supports both targeted detoxification and the reconstruction of a healthy intestinal environment. This allows the immune system to rebuild and maintain a stable microbiome balance.

The anti-parasite set consists of 4 coordinated special products:

  • The black walnut tincture and the special composition of the herbal capsules actively support the defense against parasites and can block further proliferation.
  • The acacia fiber contained in the vital mushroom mixture sustainably supports intestinal immunity. The high content of important micronutrients and amino acids promotes the reconstruction of a healthy intestinal environment.
  • The right-handed lactic acid supports the necessary pH value correction in the intestine and provides reserves to deprive the parasites of their breeding ground.

Contents: herbal mixture 190 capsules, black walnut tincture 75ml, right-handed lactic acid 50ml, acacia/vital mushroom mixture 190 capsules