Fresh algae power package to reduce fat deposits and cellulite

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Fresh algae power package

holistic treatment concept to reduce fat deposits and cellulite in problem areas

  • Power Shake - supports the entire metabolism in breaking down fat deposits
  • Brush massages - activate the lymph flow and blood circulation
  • Bandages – the wrapping method ensures effective treatment success
  • Perfect Body Tee - supports metabolism and fat burning
  • Fresh algae - support purification, detoxification, fat burning, tightening and have the power to effectively reduce problem areas.
  • Anti Cellulite Lotion - for daily use supports the success and care of the skin.
  • Ozonated olive oil - keeps the skin supple and ensures very good tissue regeneration.


Perfect Body Tee
Drink at least ½ liter of Perfect Body Tea every day plus plenty of still water.
Preparation : as described on the packaging

Perfect body shake
Efforts should be made to relieve the metabolism, because problems with your figure always have something to do with our eating habits.

Perfect Body Shake consists of purely high-quality natural ingredients and supports success with its optimized interaction of purely plant-based and metabolism-boosting macro and micronutrients.
Replace one meal a day with the shake, primarily dinner.
Preparation: as described on the packaging.

Brush massage & anti-cellulite lotion
In order to achieve the reduction of cellulite and fat deposits, especially in the problem areas, an increase in lymphatic activity and blood circulation is urgently needed. It is therefore important to activate the problem areas well with the nub brush every morning and evening. Then apply the anti-cellulite lotion and massage in.

fresh algae treatment
Fresh algae are known as detoxification and purification miracles. The alginate contained in algae is able to bind large amounts of toxins and heavy metals. However, algae are also natural enemies of fat cells, which means that fresh algae can also mobilize fat cells to break them down. With each fresh algae treatment, the cell metabolism in the treated tissue is activated, fat reduction is promoted and, thanks to the many other valuable algae micronutrients, detoxification and the removal of adhesions (cellulite) and water accumulation are promoted and the connective tissue is strengthened and strengthened.

Content Fresh Algae Power Package
The base 360g
Perfect Body Tea 100g
Fresh seaweed 600g
Perfect Body Protein Shake 300g
5 pieces bandages
Cellulite Lotion Hot 100ml
Ozonated Olive Oil 30ml
Anti cellulite brush

Instructions inside the package