Cellulite Soft Pack

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E&M Vital - Cellulite Soft Package
Home treatment concept for cellulite reduction in problem areas

  • Anti Cellulite Lotion cool for daily use in the morning
  • Anti Cellulite Lotion hot for daily use in the evening
  • Cellulite brush
  • wrapping foil

With our valuable biological, deep-acting anti-cellulite lotions with thermo-active effect, you get products from the latest research with a triple effect against problem areas.

With the help of the soy liposomes, the anti-cellulite active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and can develop their potential there. Algae, hyaluronic acid and vegetable oils provide additional moisture and keep the skin soft and supple.

Content Cellulite Soft Package

Cellulite Lotion Hot 100ml
Cellulite Lotion Cool 100ml
wrapping foil
Anti cellulite brush
The base 80g

Instructions inside the package