ORGANIC chlorella tabs
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ORGANIC chlorella tabs

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E&M Vital Chlorella Algae

The microalgae Chlorella vulgaris is a freshwater green alga with exceptional properties. In addition to many minerals, unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. alpha-linolenic acid), vitamins, carotenoids, proteins and all essential amino acids, chlorella also supports the valuable binding and elimination of toxins and heavy metals. Chlorella supports the entire organism in its natural and vital detoxification process and can also be used extensively in people with a tendency towards allergies.

Chlorella algae supported

  • normal metabolic function
  • the normal detoxification function
  • the normal immune functions
  • regeneration in anemia
  • the heavy metal elimination
  • during menopause 

Chlorella should never be missing from detoxification cures and heavy metal elimination.

Recommended intake:
Take 5 tabs 3 times a day with sufficient water.

Content: 400 pieces