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BIO bread mix 800g

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ORGANIC bread baking mix  "Energy-rich vital bread" the other way to enjoy bread.

Organic bread baking mix is a ready-made gluten-free bread baking mix with pure quinoa sourdough. The preparation is very simple as it only has to be mixed with water and baked in a suitable bread baking pan at 200 degrees. This bread mix has a much higher nutritional value than conventional bread and the balanced proportion of fibers also supports a healthy intestinal climate. 

Worth knowing: Bread and grain products rich in gluten are far too prevalent in our diet, as is sugar. In order to relieve the metabolism and the digestive tract, everyone should avoid such eating habits as often as possible and replace normal cereals with high-quality, naturally gluten-free varieties rich in vital substances. 

Ingredients: buckwheat flour, buckwheat bulgur, sweet lupine, amaranth, ground linseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, bread spice, herb salt, cardamom, quinoa sourdough extract.

Content: 800g