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Beauty Skin (sensitive powder)

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Not only the right care is decisive for the youthful appearance of the skin, but especially the right supply of nutrients from the inside. The right nutrients are crucial for the complexion, appearance and functionality of the skin. Special micronutrients such as vitamin C, Q10, selenium, copper, OPC, biotin, Vit B have the power to counteract and slow down the aging process.

Excerpts of the micronutrients used:

Zinc Collagen build-up, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cell protection

Vitamin C Collagen builder, antioxidant and enormously important cell protection

Silicon Basic substance of skin and connective tissue, immune-boosting, antibacterial

Vitamin B Skin regeneration, hormone metabolism, skin suppleness - biotin is the basic building block for the development of healthy skin, hair and nails

Q10 energy production, healthy skin cells

Selenium Antioxidant, cell protection, reduction of pigment disorders

OPC important cell protection copper collagen synthesis, regeneration of skin and liver, skin pigmentation

Barley grass herbal micronutrient power for beautiful, supple skin Alfalfa particularly favorable nutrient profile for a clear complexion and pure skin

Apricot superfood with high-quality antioxidants, cell protection, cell structure

Aloe Vera contains over 200 researched active ingredients for a healthy skin metabolism

Content: 200g powder