Alkaline magic spray
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Alkaline magic spray

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Regenerating basic skin spray

Our alkaline-mineral, silicon-enriched magic spray is versatile and suitable for a variety of skin problems, such as:

  • Care and soothing of reddened, irritated and stressed skin
  • itching
  • neurodermatitis and psoriasis
  • acne
  • warts
  • cornea
  • etc.

The E&M Vital alkaline magic spray soothes and regenerates the affected areas of the skin and helps them to regain their natural, healthy balance.

The high basic pH value in our base spray allows the skin to regulate itself and neutralize excess acids.

The skin is relieved and the protective acid mantle can be built up again. Suitable for all ages.

Shake briefly before use.

Spray the base spray on the affected areas of skin several times a day and rub in.