Fiber Blend - Powder
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Fiber Blend - Powder

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E&M Vital dietary fiber mixture – the important helpers for the intestines

The gut as the root of our health is overburdened by today's consequences of unhealthy, low-fiber diets. Dietary fiber is essential for supporting a healthy gut environment and regular optimal bowel movements. The intestines urgently need sufficient dietary fiber for the excretion of harmful, non-digestible and toxic substances, which unfortunately receives far too little attention.       


  • psyllium husks
  • rice bran
  • Jerusalem Artichoke

Dietary fiber support:

  • defecation
  • Gut microbiome
  • weight reduction
  • resistance
  • Intestinal Detox
  • intestinal passage
  • digestive performance
  • metabolism
  • liver relief

The composition of various dietary fibers provides the intestine with extensive support for maintaining a balanced intestinal environment and intestinal microbiome.

Recommended intake:
drink 1 - 2 teaspoons stirred into 250 ml water twice a day, depending on the intestinal strain. In order to achieve the optimal effect, drink enough water afterwards.

Content: 250g