Vitamins and micronutrients - well supplied throughout the day

Despite skyrocketing healthcare costs, almost all diseases of civilization continue to spread. The chronic deficiency of micronutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids and many other bioenergetic energy carriers of the cells, is primarily to blame for these growing health problems and the constantly emerging clinical pictures. Most health problems are not real diseases, but indicate that the body has been overloaded with acidic food, toxins, stress and environmental toxins for too long and too often and ongoing micronutrient deficiencies have not been compensated. Anyone concerned with maintaining their health will recognize that the bioenergy available in the body's millions of cells is linked to the supply of vital micronutrients. Micronutrients such as vitamins, phytochemicals, amino acids, minerals, highly unsaturated fatty acids, etc. are essential for staying fit and healthy at the cellular level. But do we still get enough of them from our diet? The uncertainty is great!

Nutrition is the basis for life

It is hard to believe for many, but we find malnutrition everywhere these days! A healthy balance between macro and micronutrients is almost non-existent in the western world. Far too many people focus more on quantity than quality when choosing food. And advertising measures such as "Geiz ist Geil" have further strengthened the whole thing. Factory farming, monocultures, over-fertilization and the use of chem. Pesticides are the order of the day and are taken for granted by most. However, every living being on this earth needs vital macro and micro nutrients for their existence and for maintaining their health. Day and night we need these substances together with the absolutely indispensable oxygen. Only the optimal balance makes existence and a life in health possible.

We therefore also need the so-called macro nutrients in large quantities "macro", because they are burned in our body as energy and heat donors. Macronutrient deficiencies no longer exist in the western world, rather there is a harmful abundance.

Unfortunately, the situation is different with the vital micronutrients! Almost everyone has deficits due to the modern way of life and nutrition, which can have an enormous impact on the overall health and activity of the immune system. Micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids are all part of the growth - repair - and maintenance substances. All of these micronutrients together make healthy growth, mental and physical development, defense - immune - and repair functions possible and have the ability to delay aging processes. Researchers around the world are constantly discovering how important and essential micronutrients are for our protective, regenerative and healing effects.

Not only an unhealthy diet leads to a lack of vital nutrients, but also the additional modern measures of over-fertilization, the decades-long use of chem. Sprays, the harvesting of unripe fruit and long storage in cold chains already lead to a high loss of micronutrients in the plants, which also poses a major risk to our health with a modern acidic diet. In addition, there is stress, environmental pollution, medication, sport, alcohol, birth control pills, which also enormously increases the need for micronutrients.

This means:
Even with a good diet, it becomes difficult if not impossible to keep the micronutrient balance in balance over the years.

Once you have understood how important the supply of vital micronutrients is for maintaining health, both in prevention and in the recovery phase and for the entire function of the immune system, it becomes clear to everyone that supplementation with so-called food supplements and plant-active substances is not only valuable , but are sometimes absolutely necessary. Food supplements in pure substances can contribute to the normal functioning of vital bioenergetic cell and immune functions in the organism. Micronutrients are the allies of the macronutrients and provide the basic building blocks and ignition materials for all construction, conversion and breakdown work involving hormones, nerves, muscles, tissue and digestion. In addition, they are indispensable for the protection of each cell and the overall immune competence.

All micro and macro nutrients are inextricably linked and dependent on each other.

More than 100,000 metabolic processes in the human organism alone are dependent on micronutrients. Without them there is no immune system, no blood formation, no nerve would transmit stimuli, our food intake would be worthless without micronutrients and hormone production would come to a standstill. Since our body is not able to produce most of the vital substances itself, we have to make them available to the body with balanced, high-quality foods and, if necessary, compensate with food supplements made from pure substances. An optimized micronutrient potential in connection with health is enormous, but there is far too little information about it.

You are welcome to read more details in our section "Effects and tasks of micronutrients" . The foundation of our health is the maturity and self-responsible prevention of all nutrition-related diseases of civilization.