Fasting, purifying, detoxifying - cleaning from the inside out!

There are not only different names for internal body cleansing, but also many options such as: alkaline fasting, juice fasting, colon cleansing - FX Mayr cure - etc.  But they all have one thing in common: They strengthen the metabolism, get our energies flowing again, promote the regeneration of the organs, strengthen the immune system and lift the spirits.

Any kind of internal body cleansing is a conscious way of practicing renunciation in order to rid the body of pathogenic substances and deposits. This strengthens body and mind, has a liberating effect, sharpens perception and helps to leave unhealthy paths more easily and to take new health-promoting paths. In every epoch and in every culture there are methods and measures of internal body cleansing that show how important this is and what extensive effect it has on our holistic health.

Fasting, no matter what kind, is a beneficial liberation from "too much", especially in today's affluent society. We have enough of everything, but we are always being told that we need more or something better, but these temptations usually lead to overwhelm. We live in abundance - and yet feel inner lack. Fasting is a natural part of our existence and serves to do something good for our health and body. Fasting does not mean abstaining from food, as many people think at first, but rather a liberation from excess ballast and pathogenic substances.

Many symptoms - such as being listless, tired, headaches and joint pains, poor sleep and often in a bad mood for no reason - are often the body's first cry for help that it is overwhelmed. The detoxification and excretion capacity is overloaded and the organism is no longer able to break down and excrete all its unhealthy substances. This can not only result in overburdened areas with toxins in the body, but also fat deposits and an unhealthy acid load.

Overcrowded - over-acidified - over-sugared

Various environmental toxins, pesticides and other pollutants such. B. Microplastics and softeners surround us every day. Add to that alcohol, industrial foods, and chemical flavorings and preservatives, all of which we can rarely prevent. Additional burdens such as medication, nicotine, coffee, too many sweets and stress are other harmful substances that overwhelm and overload our central detoxification organs liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. There are now over 80,000 environmental toxins that get into our bodies through the environment, food and water. However, our body does not know these modern toxins and therefore finds it very difficult to break them down. Everything that does not serve the body is stressful and it is literally overwhelmed.

What overwhelms our detoxification organs and their capacities inevitably leads to acid overload and storage of so-called waste products and toxic toxins in the body. Our typical nutritional mistakes such as "too much, too often, too fast, too inferior, not enough pure water" and the dangerous chemical substances in food and the environment that cannot be seen with the naked eye, as well as dental poisons (amalgam, root-treated teeth) are overwhelming for everyone. Therefore, methods of internal body cleansing are of great health value, they can even be seen as the royal road to achieving holistic health. Everyone has the ability to switch to detoxification and fasting and can therefore render this valuable service to themselves at any time.

Base fasting simple & ingenious

Base fasting is a gentle renunciation that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Alkaline fasting does not mean to castigate yourself, but to become open to a conscious, healthier lifestyle and to regain the wisdom of the interaction of body-mind-soul. The strict tea, broth, and juice fast isn't for everyone. Fasting beginners in particular or people who already have health challenges should prefer a mild detox like alkaline fasting. The basis for mild alkaline fasting is light, high-quality food that is prepared gently and eaten in small amounts two to three times a day. The combination with effective methods such as purifying herbal teas, high-quality micronutrients, exercise in the fresh air, enemas , colon hydrotherapy, alkaline foot and full baths and liver wraps increases alkaline fasting and the detoxification process. In this respect, a holistically developed program is an important part of successful internal body cleansing.

How to get success:

Through methods of internal body cleansing such as alkaline fasting, the entire organism is relieved and the intestines are spared by the light alkaline diet, which means that our detoxification and excretion organs can create an optimal result for our health. In order to support the entire system, however, several pillars are needed. In addition to the biological alkaline diet, it is also extremely important to replenish the micronutrients in the cells. These are urgently needed for optimal energy production in the mitochondria and for getting rid of toxins and excess acids from the body. This supplementation of micronutrients is extremely important, since we need and consume vast amounts of micronutrients when detoxifying. Poisonous and acidic foods and drinks should be avoided entirely so that those in the body can be eliminated and excreted. In addition, alkaline baths are among the most valuable applications that allow the internal detoxification organs to be relieved and acids and toxins to be effectively eliminated through the skin. Only through the interaction of several measures can irritations in the gastrointestinal tract be resolved, everything harmful and stressful eliminated and the optimal regenerative power achieved.

How do I support success:

Minerals: magnesium , potassium, calcium ( cell active , sango coral , magnesium power 7 )

Antioxidants: vitamin C , omega 3, zinc , glutathione , sun vitamin D3 plus K2

Plant power: milk thistle , barley grass , alkaline power , chlorella

Detoxification through the skin: Alkaline full baths for at least 40 to 60 minutes

The body should experience sufficient rest during this time, combined with a lot of exercise in the fresh air and valuable support with important micronutrients to reduce acidity and toxic loads. In addition, liver wraps and alkaline baths are important companions to a goal-oriented internal body cleansing and should also be used again and again over the course of the year.

Internal body cleansing such as alkaline fasting , intestinal cleansing and detoxification cause a significant increase in overall well-being with noticeably improved vitality, in many cases a significant reduction in existing health problems, mental freshness, relief of the metabolism and reduction of excess water and excess fat deposits. Every fasting and detoxification cure makes a highly valuable contribution to our holistic health and should become a natural part of a normal life and annual rhythm. It is a holistic principle that can bring body, mind and soul back into harmonious resonance. It's not for nothing that many people say after the inner body cleansing: "I feel like I've been reborn."

Brief information on intestinal cleansing - the unpopular enema

At least every second person today has problems with their intestines - bloated stomach, diarrhea, constipation, fungal infections. Even the ancient healers knew about the importance of intestinal cleansing - and coined the statement "Death is in the intestines" , but one could also say "Life is in the intestines". From an organic point of view, the intestine, in particular the large intestine, forms the mirror for the overall condition in the symptom complex of the diseases of civilization. For optimal health - both physical and mental - the colon plays the central role. People living in today's civilized world and eating today's civilization food can no longer have a healthy colon. Food leftovers that are difficult or even impossible to digest tend to be deposited in the colon and to form fermentation and putrefaction depots with later deposits.

Such stresses on the intestines lead to an over-stimulating interaction throughout the entire organism. Enemas are therefore a blessing during internal body cleansing, as with this type of intestinal cleansing, stagnant remains of faeces and rotting, fermenting deposits can be loosened and excreted by the warm water. A symbiosis control with special intestinal bacteria can now also be started, which also have a good effect on the intestines, which have been freed from old stresses, and can complete the intestinal rehabilitation.

Facts about the gut

  • The intestine contains around 80% of the human immune cells and is therefore of enormous importance for our health
  • The gut is also referred to as the second brain in our body. There are more nerves running from the gut to the brain than vice versa. The gut perceives, corrects, learns and is the seat of our intuition.
  • 30 tons of solids and 50,000 liters of liquids are processed by the intestines over the course of an average lifespan. It is supported by more than 2000 different types of bacteria. Up to 100 trillion bacteria live in symbiosis in the large intestine, which is ten times more than the body has cells and 1600 times more than people currently live on earth. All intestinal germs together weigh up to 2 kilograms. Everything together makes the intestine an organ of superlatives!
  • As big as a soccer field. With these dimensions, the intestine has our largest contact surface with the outside world. This area is made possible by the countless tiny folds and villi in the intestinal wall, which in turn is protected by a mucous membrane.
  • Dietary fibers - also known as fibrous materials - are extremely important for our intestines, as they are important food for our healthy intestinal bacteria and are essential for regular and optimal emptying of the intestines
  • The gut and nervous system communicate intensively with each other. So it is not surprising that stress affects the intestinal function. But in the same way, a strained gut caused by malnutrition causes stress and makes us imbalanced and irritable. Healthy nutrition and mental balance require the nervous system, energy metabolism and intestinal balance to support each other and this is what makes a healthy intestine so important.
  • Important micronutrients for stress: magnesium complexes , magnesium citrate, vitamin B complexes , amino acids, barley grass juice, GABA, hops, omega-3 fatty acids, alkaline baths , Bach flowers and soothing essential oils .
  • Other stress management measures: meditation, exercise in the fresh air, yoga.