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"The book 'Virus-Wahn' can be described as the first work in which the errors, the scams and general misinformation spread by official bodies about questionable or non-virus infections are fully exposed."

– Gordon Stewart, professor of medicine, infectious disease expert and former adviser to the WHO

"The book is masterfully written, bold and proud, right down to the appraisal of the establishment, elites, power and state sponsorship. In my estimation it is the result of many years of work, expertise and care. As a standard editor myself, I appreciate the necessary decades of work.”

– Wolfgang Weuffen, professor of medicine and specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology

According to the general public, the world is repeatedly plagued by terrible virus epidemics. The so-called corona virus SARS-CoV-2 is dominating the headlines as the latest horror variant. And the population is also terrified by horror reports about measles, swine flu, bird flu (H5N1), SARS, hepatitis C, AIDS, polio or BSE. However, it is overlooked that the existence and pathogenic/deadly effect of these "pathogens" have never been proven. The fact that the medical establishment and the media that follow it still claim that the evidence has been provided is solely due to the fact that a few decades ago direct virus detection was abandoned and instead indirect "detection" methods (including antibody and PCR tests) were used. satisfied. But the "modern" methods for virus detection such as PCR "say nothing about how a virus multiplies, which animal carries this virus or how it makes people sick," as more than a dozen critical top virologists noted in the journal Science. "It's like looking at a person's fingerprints to determine if they have bad breath."

The authors Engelbrecht and Köhnlein show in "Virus-Wahn" that the hypotheses of the elites from science, politics and the media cannot be proven in fact and are highly contradictory. At the same time, alternative explanatory models or possible causes are described, which focus on drugs, medication, malnutrition, stress, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. All of this can severely damage or even completely destroy the immune system - and is found exactly where the victims are who are hastily stamped with swine flu, avian flu, SARS or hepatitis C in order to make them believe one knows that these are viral diseases. In order to substantiate their theses, the authors cite well over 1,000 relevant literature references.

The topic is of central importance. Because the current approach ultimately only helps to secure the gigantic research budgets and profits of the pharmaceutical and other corporations, just like those of top scientists or, as in the case of Tamiflu, of politicians like Donald Rumsfeld - without the drugs being proven to endanger the lives of patients would have been extended or even a cure is in sight. "What must we physicians do? The first step is to break away from illusions and realize that the primary purpose of modern, fully commercialized medical-science is not to maximize patient health, but profit," said John Abramson of quoted from Harvard Medical School.