Liposomal Glutathione
Liposomal Glutathione
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Liposomal Glutathione

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Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione is an endogenous antioxidant. Active oxygen derivatives prevent damage to important cell components.

Our organism contains glutathione in oxidized and reduced form. Synthesis occurs in the liver. An antioxidant like glutathione donates an electron to the free radical, thereby helping to reduce oxidative stress and its health effects.

The overproduction of free radicals triggers so-called oxidative stress - this is further increased by an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of micronutrients, intestinal stress and environmental toxins. The natural defenses are overloaded, which in turn leads to an acceleration of all aging and degeneration processes. As a result, chronic diseases can develop.

Our body and in particular our immune system must be protected from the negative effects of free radicals and the resulting oxidative stress.

Food supplements in liposomal form have an extremely high bioavailability of the active ingredients due to the special manufacturing process. The micronutrients can thus be completely transported to the cell.

Properties of liposomal glutathione:

  • Glutathione is one of the strongest antioxidants in cells. It neutralizes the oxygen-containing compounds in a few microseconds and thus protects all cell components (membrane and DNA)
  • It allows the recycling of other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E
  • Supports the elimination of toxins by making them water-soluble and thus easier to excrete. It is also an important active ingredient in the elimination of heavy metals
  • Helps protect the cardiovascular system, lungs, kidneys and digestive system from inflammation
  • Anti-tumour effect due to excellent cell protection
  • Supports during pregnancy by detoxifying the placenta
  • Helps with neurodegenerative diseases by fighting off free radicals and reducing oxidative stress

A notice:
The liposomal glutathione is compatible with all other dietary supplements and has no side effects.

Recommended intake:
Stir 10ml once a day or 5ml twice a day in water and drink

Important Information:
Liposomal food supplements must be kept cool, preferably in the refrigerator.

Content: 250ml